The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2014
#9 - Matalan
Alphabet Scarves

Matalan teamed up with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Pixie Lott (herself making a second appearance in this year’s 12 Ads Of Christmas) to produce a cover version of the Housemartins’ “Caravan Of Love” to promote Matalan’s Alphabet Scarves - with a proportion of the profits going to charity. It’s a faithful cover version and a well-designed music video, perfect for the season.

#8 - Coca Cola
Make Someone Happy

Carrying on with the charitable theme, Coca Cola continued its mission to spread happiness around the world by encouraging its drinkers to do good deeds for the loving, the lonely and the needy. The mixture of sumptuous visuals of Santa’s workshop as well as the iconic convoy of Coca Cola trucks made this unmissable.

#7 - Sky Movies
Step Into The Adventure

We love it when Sky Movies create a movie mash-up for their Christmas ads - the last time they did this was in 2011 when they inserted a father making the long journey home for Christmas into a string of famous movie scenes. This time around they took a family and actually created new scenes in big movies for them to wander through. This was incredible stuff as you see the family turned into Muppets, Lego characters, and also travelling through the world of Frozen - the production costs must have been sky high (if you forgive the pun) for this Christmas ad. Amazing.

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