The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2014
2014 was another incredible year! Not only were the adverts getting longer, but more and more stores were getting together with charities and producing some incredible ads off of the back of that. Let’s show you the finest that the Class Of 2014 had to offer...

#12 - McVities
Christmas Choir

We make no secret of the fact that one of our favourite Christmas songs is the Flying Pickets version of “Only You”, so this advert was off to a flyer already. Stuffing it to the gills with baby animals added to the fun, and getting them to squeak, oink, bark, and otherwise perform a cute rendition of “Only You” made this the perfect advert for the social media age. Wonderful.

#11 - TK Maxx
You By Me

Tk Maxx are on a bit of a roll now, with each Christmas advert complementing and surpassing the one before. In fact, they’re establishing themselves quite nicely as a fixture in the annual Christmas Run-up. Craftily swiping the Blues Brothers soundtrack from under the noses of the annual Celebrations chocolates ad, they use it to form a festive party ad featuring pairs of loving couples, friends, family members - you name it, every type of bond is covered in their catchy series of ads. This one quickly introduces each of the pairings, and there were follow-up ads which covered each couple in a little more detail. Lovely.

#10 - Post Office
Get Christmas All Wrapped Up

Some pure silliness now, as Robert Webb and an assortment of celebrities show you what you need to know in order to use the Post Office to its full potential before Christmas. From the sight of the Ministry Of Christmas’ War Room, through to a very, very wide-eyed Robert Webb getting overexcited about all the possibilities, it’s rather difficult to stifle a giggle or two!

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