Christmas 2014 Lookback
A Delightfully Eccentric British Christmas

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in the Christmas run-up, someone comes up with something that’s wonderfully bonkers. Take this new Christmas Tree throwing competition, for instance...

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Drones were an emerging issue during 2014 - and 2015 looks like no exception - but TGI Fridays put them to a more positive use: carrying mistletoe and a webcam, trying to entice couples to kiss!

Fashion News

“...the exact opposite of a regular business suit…” goes the advertising blurb. If you thought it took a little bit of guts to wear a Christmas jumper outside your home, think about the cajones required to wear one of these!

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For an additional challenge, those of us of the more hirsute persuasion may wish to consider these Beard Baubles too...

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No one went as far as adding LED lights though - maybe this year!

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