Christmas 2014 Lookback
BBC1 Returns To Live-Action Christmas Idents

It was an odd year for fans of Christmas idents - out of the major channels, only BBC1 had a set of new idents this year. After a couple of years of stripped-back idents, this year’s were simply magical.

They even brought back some of the classics in their Christmas teaser!

Christmas TV Is Still Owned By The BBC

When you think of Christmas TV, you think of the BBC, and 2014 was no exception. With the traditional mixture of special editions of their big hits and star-filled family dramas, the competition barely stood a chance.

And whilst BBC2 recycled their Christmas presentation for yet another year, their line-up was pretty strong.

Compare and contrast these two festive channel trailers! BBC Three went for an ever-so-slightly-freaky animation…

...whereas BBC4 went with a suave sophisticated barman.

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