Christmas 2014 Lookback
Toning It Down A Notch

Whilst the big brands usually go all-out with explosive extravagant adverts at this time of year, the more subtle ads bring some seasonal relief from all the glitter and schmaltz. Let’s start with Aldi’s ad which used a very novel horizontal pan across various Christmas dinner tables, ending up with Jools Holland and his band playing the Christmas Song.

Boots Risks Underplaying It Too Far

It’s a struggle to remember the last time a Christmas advert featured those who work on Christmas Day, so Boots’ tribute to hospital staff was timely, but maybe a little too subtle for its own good. It’s a lovely idea - at one minute past midnight on Boxing Day morning, the family and friends of a nurse finishing a Christmas Day shift make the journey to her house to surprise her on her return home - but it lacks depth and flavour.

Lidl Keeps It Real

The budget supermarket brand Lidl decided to go with a suitably stripped-back advert with one basic premise: a dinner party featuring Lidl food, the quality of which fools people into thinking they’re eating something from the higher end supermarkets. A simple idea, well-executed, and hooks into the nation’s love of cookery shows and fly-on-the-wall shows such as Come Dine With Me.

Canon’s 90-second Nature Documentary

So, how do you advertise photography equipment in the run-up to Christmas? Canon hit upon a very original idea - film something spectacular, and don’t tinker with it in any way. This ninety second film of suburban deer, complete with its original natural soundtrack was very striking.

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