Christmas 2014 Lookback
Let There Be Lights…

Christmas lights shows are all the rage these days. Tesco fancied putting one on which they could show online and also use in their Christmas advert. A journalist once tweeted that her local store never had a green party hat on the Tesco logo as the other branches did at this time of year, and that caught the Tesco public relations people’s imagination. But how do you light such a thing? Well...

Very nice, and formed the punchline for their Christmas advert. We love the early shot of the bauble reflections!

A Touch Of Royalty

Light show projections are now big business in the tourism industry too, and even Windsor Castle has taken to showing conservative-but-colourful imagery on one of the towers. It’s a simple snow effect over some heraldry, but it works for us!

The “4D Lights Show”

These are our favourite types of projected lights shows: take the architectural features of an interesting building and devise an original animation which actually took advantage those features rather than treating the side of a building as a giant flat rectangular projection screen. Mixing in a festive soundtrack made this an excellent way to pass a few minutes.

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