Christmas 2014 Lookback
Into Christmas 2014 we go, and the wave of extravaganzas from the previous year showed no signs of stopping. The extra-long advert was now commonplace, with Burberry hitting the high watermark of four whole minutes with their sweet musical. The brands had mastered social media and were well aware of the fact that we are now in Generation YouTube - not only were they putting up their own videos, but also producing stunts which were inevitably captured by members of the public and subsequently uploaded to the online video archives. Before we check out what ads made it to the 12 Ads Of Christmas, let’s look back and see what else were the highlights of the Run-Up of 2014.

The Viral Image Of The Year

If there’s anything which perfectly shows the British sense of humour during the Christmas Run-up, it’s this photo! Henry the Hoover and his associates starred in a Nativity scene that tickled the nation’s hearts as the image went viral almost as soon as it was first uploaded. Wonderful stuff, and more heartening to know that the window display belonged to a local electrical store rather than a national chain.

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Coca Cola On A Global Happiness Mission

With all that’s happening in the world, it's all too easy to concentrate on our own problems rather than think about others, so Coca Cola have continued to take their mission to spread happiness around the world and through social media using inspired stunts. Take a look at “The Happy Cab”, an elaborately decorated London taxi where passengers were told that their fare is free if they gave away free bottles of Coke to passers-by.

The stunts didn’t stop there. Coca Cola installed a free Christmas wrapping paper dispenser in “one of Britain’s biggest shopping centres” - Bluewater to you and me - and filmed members of the public helping themselves and having fun. Being imaginative, entertaining and involving the public pays off when it's done well.

Some Stunts Work Better Than Others

Meanwhile, in Paris, this “Christmas tree” art installation was built in the Place Vendome. No, you are not imagining what you are seeing. No, this has not been Photoshopped. The piece earned the artist Paul McCarthy a punch in the face by a bystander, and the “sculpture” was eventually punctured and destroyed by vandals in mid-October.

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How To Do A Christmas Tree Stunt Properly

Marks and Spencer had a more wholesome idea for a tree-based stunt. They had heard about a family whose house was burgled and had lost all the presents which were under their tree. So they decided to cheer them up in an almost sarcastic way - they installed a giant three-storey Christmas tree in their home, which was a challenge as the house was only two storeys high. It seemed to go down well, though.

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