The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2013
9 - DFS
Making Christmas More Comfortable

DFS have settled into being one of the companies who heralds when the Christmas run-up kicks up a gear as the adverts move away from summer and concentrates on the longer nights and the winter festivities. Continuing a good run of adverts, they use the long-forgotten song “Cool Yule” by Louis Armstrong to show off their wares and shows Santa sorting out the year’s deliveries. Lovely.

8 Morrisons
Go On, It’s Christmas

Redemption for Morrisons! After the previous year’s depressingly satirical ad, Morrisons have gone completely the other direction with this bright and cheery rendition of “Be Our Guest” starring Ginger the gingerbread man and, as eye-candy, Ant and Dec in the background. Ginger seems doomed at the end of the ad, but he’s been featuring in Morrisons’ Christmas In July events this year, so maybe he’ll be making a return to our screens this Christmas?

7 -
Don’t Just Do Christmas, Do It In Style

Another novel Christmas surprise as breaks the mold and brings us these very well-executed flights through a dynamic and yet paused set of party and Christmas scenes, together with a slightly edgy soundtrack. We love this inventiveness in Christmas advertising, it’s practically art.

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