The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2013
What a fantastic year! Fans of the Christmas extravaganza advert were in for a treat as companies booked up full prime-time ad-breaks to show off their efforts, with some even having big-screen cinema showings before the ads broke on TV. Rumours of the three-minute advert were abound, and so we sat down and waited... and waited... and waited...

And it was worth it. The quality was so high that even John Lewis were edged out of our 12 Ads Of Christmas 2013 - let’s see what did make the cut...

12 - Baileys
Christmas With Spirit

We start our countdown with this two-minute extravaganza from Baileys as they give their own twist on the Nutcracker Suite ballet as a group of girls enters a rather exclusive club and one of them deals with a couple of suitors in her own special way. Sumptuous.

11 - Boots
Santa Hoodie

Back down to a more modest minute for Boots this year as they pierce through the hoodie stereotype to produce this very sweet tale of a teenager delivering his presents around his neighbourhood.

10 - Three
The Pony At Christmas

OK, this is just silly. Very silly. Ridiculous. Who could have thought up such a thing? Come on, really. This is so wrong that it’s right: a dancing pony that moonwalks through the snowy countryside to a jingle-bell-tinged rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere”. The choreography and timing of the jokes is spot on, and combined with the breathtaking scenery actually makes this advert slightly addictive. A wonderful surprise.

Three even went the extra mile by staging a press release alleging that the Dancing Pony was caught up in a paternity probe due to, well, enjoying life a little more than he should have done. Three may not have won the 12 Ads Of Christmas, but they have won life in general. Well played, Three. Well played.

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