Christmas 2013 Lookback
Not Every Christmas Ad Was A Classic

Not every Christmas advert was a hit, and here are two of the worst, starting with United Utilities' “Ice Wise Baby” viral.

Oh dear me... OK, once you’ve seen it, you can never forget it, but that was painful...

...and this one from M&M Direct is physically painful on the ears! OK, so our website focuses on the more commercial side of Christmas, but even this crosses a line for us with the whiney neediness and pure unrestrained (and appeased) selfishness that the characters show in these bumpers. Everything people shouldn’t be during the run-up to Christmas.

Living Advent Calendars

Here’s a growing trend which has caught on quite nicely - “Living Advent Calendars”, where towns and villages decorate windows throughout their hometown and open them one by one every day of December up until Christmas. Very sweet, and piles on the Christmas magic nicely.

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The Return Of Norwich’s Favourite Son

There was a new movie starring Norwich’s favourite son towards the end of last year, and the city decided to get in on the hype for “Alpha Papa”. Their Christmas lights ceremony featured a thirty-foot sculpture of Alan Partridge’s face and came complete with eyes which fired laser beams! Well... it’s different...

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New Lights For Oxford Street

London’s Oxford Street had a complete new set of lights installed this year, and whilst the globes of LED lights didn’t look too good during daytime, once the sun had set they came into their own. The sheer number of them filling the skies overhead as far as the eye could see were very impressive indeed.

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