Christmas 2013 Lookback
BBC1's Wrapping Paper Christmas Idents

Sadly we are now in the age of the corporate reusable Christmas ident, but there are a few good new ones this year. After the previous year’s disappointing “Showtime” red curtain ident, the Beeb put a little bit more thought into their cut-back idents with this rather charming wrapping paper motif.

ITV1 Goes For Santa Live Action Idents

ITV were a little less imaginative, but their live-action Santa scenes passed muster this year...

ITV4's Festive Twist Tickles Us

We definitely preferred ITV4’s festive twist on a classic cop show cliche!

BBC3 Has A Bikini Block Puzzle Ident

Back to the Beeb, and their sliding block puzzle for BBC3 had some nice touches, but we’re not sure what the bikinis had to do with their line-up!

BBC NI Gives The Classics The HD Treatment

BBC Northern Ireland pulled out something special this year, dropping in remakes of old classic BBC1 Christmas idents throughout their schedules! What a nice touch, we’re looking forward to what they’re going to do for this year.

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