Christmas 2013 Lookback
John Lewis Goes For Cute Animals

The John Lewis advert is one of the set-pieces in the Christmas run-up, and yet it didn’t dent our 12 Ads Of Christmas 2013 - why? Well, the competition was fierce, but there’s more to why it didn’t make the cut.

First things first, it’s a gloriously crafted piece of animation, well up to the standards of John Lewis’ previous efforts, but it just didn’t gel for us. “The Boy Who Waited” grabbed us by the heartstrings, as did “The Snowman’s Journey”, but “The Bear And The Hare” took us one step too many away from humanity, and instead we really were left with a cartoon full of animals. Anthropomorphised animals maybe, but not enough to truly relate to.

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But the ad, being a John Lewis ad, became centre-stage in the nation’s eyes, so much so that John Lewis set up “caves” in their stores which showed the whole story on a big screen on repeat to entertain the children whilst their parents did their Christmas shopping.

Naturally the advert got spoofed to death, and even TV channel Dave made theirs the centerpiece of their Christmas trailers. Not everyone was pleased - the rather generic storyline of a bear waking up in the middle of his hibernation for Christmas has been covered in childrens’ books before, and one or two fans were making loud accusations of plagiarism.

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