Christmas 2013 Lookback
M&S And Others Have Ads For Their Ads!

Advertisers are pretty savvy about the Christmas run-up these days, and know which are the big ads that everyone looks out for. This means that they can buy up cheap and short amounts of advertising space to tease their forthcoming ads to keep the brand in the viewers minds for that bit longer. For us fans of seasonal sights and sounds it gives us a mouthwatering taste of what is to come. How’s this for a great example of how to do the teaser ad? Twelve seconds, and M&S have already intrigued us about where they’re going to go with this.

Coke Knows How To Excite Us

But what about the ads that appear year after year? How do you tease the traditional Coca Cola trucks ad? You do it like this, and the rest of us break into wide smiles as we know that Christmas being around the corner is just around the corner - if you see what we mean.

ToysRUs Tries A Little Bit Of Poll Fixing

And then there are the outright publicity stunts. The modern ToyRUs Kids theme tune wasn’t too popular, so the company staged an online poll to decide bring back the classic song they’d used during our childhoods. The poll was ever-so-slightly stacked in the classic song’s favour, and there could only be one outcome...

John Lewis Become A Little Too Obtuse

John Lewis tried something quite different, and it backfired a little. This projection appeared along the London Bankside without fanfare or explanation, the only clue was the accompanying hashtag #sleepingbear. Unfortunately it wasn’t clear what type of bear it was, and with most of us not being bear experts, a fair few of us thought it was a polar bear and therefore a teaser for Coca Cola’s next Christmas ad!

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