Christmas 2013 Lookback
The pendulum swings both ways... Whilst 2012’s run-up was somewhat diluted by the advertisers being distracted by the Olympics and the new James Bond movie together with the tail-end of the downturn, everything was turned on its head for 2013. Seemingly unlimited budgets unleashed a run-up to remember, advert extravaganzas ran to several minutes, and was backed up with a booming online campaign with the big names taking viral videos seriously. Fans of the festivities were in for a vintage year.

Next Joins In The Rise Of The Viral

Social media is a difficult business to wrap your head around at the best of times - there’s a magic formula somewhere which can show what sort of videos, photos and webpages will be sucked up into the nation’s psyche and shared amongst millions, and yet no one has managed to decipher this code so that they can deliver consistently popular content. Companies used to look at this phenomenon with bewilderment, but now things are beginning to click: treat the medium seriously, tie it in with your traditional advertising by giving it equal weight, and some seriously good things can happen as a result.

The viral videos do not have to be anything special - Next put together a sweet little video of behind-the-scenes footage from their Christmas catalogue photo-shoot. Watching the models having fun in and around Christmas clobber is quite uplifting.

BHS's Viral Gobsmacks A Nation

Even low-tech ads can be pulled off - stop-motion animation was used for this frankly bizarre viral from BHS. So maybe it’s not the best example of the rise of the Christmas Viral. Um. Moving swiftly on...

Carling Gets Out The Glass Harp

This is more like it, a perfect case of a Christmas viral tying into a TV ad campaign, and taking advantage of the fact that viral ads can be a little longer as companies do not have to pay by the second when they’re being shown. Carling sends up Christmas cheer something rotten in a rather well plotted ad that has some nice details to look out for upon rewatching.

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