The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2012

3 - Google Plus
‘Tis The Season For Get Togethers

Few Christmas ads debut so late in December, but this one for Google’s Hangouts online group video chat feature was perfectly timed to show in the last few days before Christmas. Using Aardman Animations to create their ad was an inspired choice as a lot of their major characters from Wallace and Gromit down got together online to open their presents together. Sweet premise, smartly executed, and incredibly impressive.

2 - John Lewis
The Snowman’s Journey

Wow. Whilst ASDA drew the short straw when it came to media coverage of their Christmas ad campaign, John Lewis enjoyed wall-to-wall wonderment from the moment Channel 4 premiered the ninety-second ad one evening in early November. Grabbing the nation's hearts by the lapels, it inspired everything from spoof TV ads to a swiftly-written spin-off children’s story book. Coupled with a cover of “The Power Of Love” that saps the world’s problems from your soul for a good few minutes, the advert is an utter winner.

Well, maybe not quite so utter. This is only Number Two in our 12 Ads Of Christmas 2012. There is one more advert, one which caught us by surprise which we think is even better than John Lewis’...

1 - Barclaycard

Banks aren’t entirely the nation’s best friend at the moment, but their credit cards pretty much drive the nation’s appetite for Christmas shopping. However, their Christmas advert just blew us away. Set in a large toy shop, it stars a man trying to find the perfect toy for his son, and a wise toy monkey who takes him through the options. All the options. For nostalgia fans there’s a great selections of old and new toys brought to life as the leading man is taken through a rollicking riotous adventure through the store, before somehow ending up on a giant Whoopee cushion to make his final decision. Full of sight gags and some subtly barbed observations about some bizarrely popular toys (a doll who wets herself - really?!), this advert is fun from the get-go and stood out head and shoulders over everything else. Barclaycard is a worthy winner of the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2012.

The run-up to Christmas 2013 is just starting up - hopefully with no major events to distract the advertisers this time around, we have some really great extravaganzas to look forward to.

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