The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2012

6 - Argos
I Can Shop From Here

The Aliens return at the end of their first year’s stint for Argos, and they are still disarmingly sweet. This time they’re advertising the fact that Argos orders can be made using a smartphone app, and naturally they place their orders from the oddest of places - including from the top of their town’s Christmas tree! We’re hoping that the Aliens return for at least one more holiday season. Come on - they’ve just had a baby!

5 - TK Maxx
Love Your Christmas

There were plenty of ads which were montages of family scenes, but this was the best of the lot. This had a good mix of everything - the snow, the presents, the family, and the long journey home for the festivities, all set to Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness”. It’s the visual equivalent of a night in by the fire with a large mug of rich warming hot chocolate. Lovely.

4 - ASDA
Christmas Doesn’t Happen Just By Magic

Almost every year there is an advert which attracts loads of silly media attention. This time around, it was ASDA’s turn, and all because a mother’s preparations for the big day took centre stage in their ad. It’s ridiculous, and if our social media membership is anything to go by, women outnumber men by a good two or three times. We’ll leave debating the whys and hows about that to the people who have columns to fill, but we fully understand why ASDA targeted mums. With a good dose of observational humour mixed in, it was fun and entertaining rather than heavy-handedly preachy.

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