The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2012

9 - Phones4u
Christmas Gifts For u and u and u

Here is something that’s just a little bit off the wall! Phone4u’s first foray into the festive frolics that is the Christmas run-up is a bit of a goodie. The sheer silliness of the voiceover together with a good dash of observational comedy combine to form a roller-coaster ride through various shopping dilemmas. Welcome, Phones4u - we’re expecting you to top that this time around.

8 - SKY Movies
Christmas Train

You can always count on SKY Movies to have a magical ad around Christmas time showing off their line-up for the holidays. Borrowing a little from the movie Polar Express, a not-quite-sickly-sweet child explains to her younger sister how SKY delivers their movies to their customers. Fast action tracking shots across a fantastical winter scene following a freight train carrying new movies fills out the ad quite nicely making it a very watchable addition to the commercial breaks.

7 - Iceland
Pure Imagination

How’s this for a truly magical fantasy Christmas ad? Inspired by the original Charlie And The Chocolate Factory movie, this advert mixes in fantasy scenes with the close-ups of their products with a slickness that flows like smooth caramel. Utterly dream-like.

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