The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2012
So, you may have already read our 2012 Christmas Run-Up Lookback, and you may be wondering if there were any gems in the sea of ads which mainly featured festive family scenes. Well, there were quite a few, including a couple of nice surprises. Here’s the best Christmas adverts from the Class of 2012...

12 - RAC
Pedal Car

One of the things we love about the Christmas run-up is the occasional flashes of sheer originality. The RAC didn’t buy into the festive frolics, but instead decided to celebrate the season with this snow-covered advert. Kids can make some fantastic Christmas ads when they are not sickly-sweet.

11 - Freeview+
Snowing Balloons

Now this was classy. Another inventive ad, this time for Freeview+, a time-shifted recording device for Freeview viewers. More snow, but this time around the “snowflakes” are made up of balloons in the shape of plus symbols and TV show logos. As everything is a settling blizzard of balloons, the effect is quite startling.

10 - DFS
Guaranteed Christmas Delivery

This is just wonderful. DFS are usually one of the first companies to put out Christmas adverts on TV, and they’re usually pretty annoying. However this year they teamed up with the promoters of the Arthur Christmas movie to bring you this delightful advert. They really did dress up all their staff as elves for a day’s filming, and the results are pretty good. Long may it continue - the days of them playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in the middle of October are long gone!

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