The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2011
The evocative stream of festive television adverts sets a kaleidoscopic background for the annual Christmas run-up. Filled with abstract, fantastical and day-to-day scenes, the adverts help reinforce the heartwarming feelings one receives during the season. The buzz that the better adverts generate is very forgiving of the fact that you’re probably watching them in October rather than during Advent itself, before disappearing back where they came from on the stroke of Christmas morning.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that Christmas adverts are very pretty and eye-candy for the soul. I love seeing them, and I always watch out for them year after year.

Although the economy is on the rocks, there were plenty of good ads in the run-up to the big day, even when you cast aside the myriad of pricelist ads which just throw product after product at you with little in the way of style or charm. Passing over the adverts which get shown year after year (Coca Cola trucks, M&M’s meeting Santa, the little Corn Flakes girl, etc) and concentrating only on the year’s new intake, let’s take a look at what I thought were the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2011...

#12 - Guinness
Dreaming of a Black and White Christmas

First up is an understated advert for Guinness, where they use the initial foam of a fresh pint to emulate a snow blizzard whilst the first couple of bars of “White Christmas” plays in the background. Simple, short, sweet.

#11 - McDonalds
Cycling Santas

A return to form for McDonalds - their adverts over the previous years had been a little too much on the chintzy side, but this year’s attempt starts subtly with a single cycle bell and then builds up to a rousing chorus of “Jingle Bells” played by a pack of cyclists. Nice.

#10 - Argos

After last year’s appalling advert which featured a beatboxing Bing Crosby - an advert so poor that it was soon pulled off our screens after some outcry - this year’s adverts centered around cute blue aliens offering a few observations with a dash of cuteness. Giggling at the very end scene is something of a guilty pleasure!

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