Hello :) We hope you're enjoying the Christmas Run-Up so far. If you'd like to buy us a coffee to keep our energy levels up, well now you can!

Although it may turn into hot chocolate.

Or a box of stollen.

Either way, anything is appreciated!
Tuesday 19 November 2019, 7:41pm
Oh my word... John Lewis have teamed up with Quality Street and are allowing you to fill a 1.2kg tin with whatever proportion of sweets you like, so long as you pick at least four kinds... (H/T @hwallop, @UKChristmasTV)
Friday 13 July 2018, 6:01am
2012: ALDI spoofs the John Lewis Snowman advert :)
Monday 13 July 2020, 11:30am
1985: Let's take a look at old BBC Christmas line-ups whilst waiting for tonight's trailer - so much comedy!
Monday 13 July 2020, 11:00am
July 13th and all is quiet...

But this beautiful rare BBC Christmas ident just hit YouTube....
Monday 13 July 2020, 7:00am
M&S have brought back Pigs In Blankets, and are selling them as BBQ starters!
Saturday 11 July 2020, 11:00am
Saturday 11 July 2020, 5:58am
2013: Drake Circus shopping centre in Plymouth have put a little effort into their Christmas ad with a dance routine.
Friday 10 July 2020, 11:30am
2013: ToysRUs' new Christmas advert is now out, and marks the return of their classic "Magical Place" theme tune!
Friday 10 July 2020, 11:00am
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