Hello :) We hope you're enjoying the Christmas 2019 Run-Up so far. If you'd like to buy us a coffee to keep our energy levels up, well now you can!

Although it may turn into hot chocolate.

Or a box of stollen.

Either way, anything is appreciated!
Tuesday 19 November 2019, 7:41pm
Hah! Fresh from Easter stealing several Christmas treats, Summer's now at it too! Asda have rebranded pigs in blankets as "Pigs On Sticks" for the barbecue season.

We're shocked.

We're hungry.

We want some.
Monday 25 June 2018, 6:01am
WHOA! Our Countdown is in the TEENS now?!
Friday 6 December 2019, 12:30pm
Time to insert another chocolate coin into the Christmas Jukebox Request Line, and @tinselreindeer has ask for Chuck Berry's "Run Rudolph Run" - an absolute classic!
Friday 6 December 2019, 11:30am
IDENT CALENDAR - Dec 6 - Film 4, 2013
Friday 6 December 2019, 11:00am
RADIO TIMES WATCH: The Christmas Double Issues start going on sale tomorrow!
Friday 6 December 2019, 7:22am
Happy St Nicholas Day :)
Friday 6 December 2019, 7:00am
Friday 6 December 2019, 5:58am
Markets Starting: Coventry, Hereford
Friday 6 December 2019, 5:58am
Friday 6 December 2019, 5:57am
Today's TV Picks:
Friday 6 December 2019, 5:52am
Advent Calendar - Opening Door Six reveals: A Heart!
Friday 6 December 2019, 5:50am
Christmas UK Countdown: There are 19 days until Christmas...
** 2019 ** It's yet another outing for the Lindt ad!
Thursday 5 December 2019, 11:00pm
** 2019 ** Hrm. Duracell's Christmas ad is out,and they've ditched the charm and the magic of their previous ads.
Thursday 5 December 2019, 9:30pm
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