And here's Aldi's Christmas food range!
Wednesday 22 July 2020, 2:20pm
12AdsOfXmas2019 #7: We were worried that Aldi’s Kevin The Carrot had run its course, but the writers upped their game and focused on fewer, funnier, ads this time around. We loved it!
Sunday 20 September 2020, 6:30pm
2016: Cute overload as a child recites a festive rhyme for Meadowhall.
Sunday 20 September 2020, 3:30pm
ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL - The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2013! The last one before the King Of Christmas league started up, so expect all the best 2013 ads, including Santa Trucker, Christmas In A Day, gifts by balloon, and KFC's song going on and on and on...
Sunday 20 September 2020, 11:00am
2014: Sky Movies Christmas is up and running, if you have it!
Sunday 20 September 2020, 9:30am
12AdsOfXmas2019 #8: A rare corporate ad for the Sky parent company, as they brought back ET in this VERY faithful sequel to the 1982 film to show how technology has changed since his first visit.
Sunday 20 September 2020, 7:00am
Sunday 20 September 2020, 5:50am
Christmas UK Countdown: There are 96 days until Christmas...
2019 re-cap: Football pundit Chris Kamara had a Christmas album out this year. And there’s not much you can say about that. Silence. Stunned stunned silence.
Saturday 19 September 2020, 6:30pm
ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL - The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2012! Another one before the King Of Christmas started up, so all the best 2012 ads including The Snowman's Journey, DFS' elves, Barclaycard's Toy Shop, and Harvey Nichols showing that looks can indeed kill!
Saturday 19 September 2020, 12:30pm
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