MISSING: Buster The Boxer's trampoline. #StormCiara
Sunday 9 February 2020, 6:04pm
Hello :) We hope you're enjoying the Christmas Run-Up so far. If you'd like to buy us a coffee to keep our energy levels up, well now you can!

Although it may turn into hot chocolate.

Or a box of stollen.

Either way, anything is appreciated!
Tuesday 19 November 2019, 7:41pm
Sunday 23 February 2020, 5:58am
MISSING: Buster The Boxer's trampoline. #StormCiara
Sunday 9 February 2020, 6:04pm
Wednesday 8 January 2020, 5:58am
Markets Ending: London/Southbank/London Eye, London/Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London/Leicester Square, Stoke, Swansea
Sunday 5 January 2020, 5:58am
Markets Ending: Edinburgh
Saturday 4 January 2020, 5:58am
Friday 3 January 2020, 5:58am
Thursday 2 January 2020, 5:58am
Wednesday 1 January 2020, 5:58am
Markets Ending: Bournemouth, Worcester
Wednesday 1 January 2020, 5:58am
And that was 2019 - a year that was far too scary and exciting for its own good.

It's unavoidable that the national situation killed the vibe somewhat, but we were relieved that the major brands didn't play it safe this year with their ranges and adverts. We needed those epic adverts to just take the edge off what was going on in Real Life.

YOU try being festive when you have no idea what the immediate future held!

Anyway, we got through it, and we hope that life is a little more boring next year. Life is certainly going to be very different, that's for sure...

We'll be here again, hoping to offer you a distraction from All That, and we'll be back for the Summer Christmas Press Shows again.

Thank you so much to all of you who sent in links, who took part in various chats, and to all those who bought us coffee. Never has a box of stollen tasted nicer than when it's been bought by someone who loved our work.

It's back to reality tomorrow. It may be January 1st 2020, but it'll only be another six months until we're back in the swing of things again for our tenth Christmas Run-Up.

Until then, have a peaceful New Year and a saner 2020.

-- Linus & Nick.
Tuesday 31 December 2019, 10:00pm
So here's the updated King Of Christmas League Table:

1) [--] 6-31 M&S
2) [+2] 5-23 Sainsburys
3) [-1] 5-38 Sky Cinema
4) [+2] 4-14 Asda
5) [--] 4-18 John Lewis
6) [-3] 4-19 Very.co.uk
7) [--] 4-21 Aldi
8) [--] 4-24 Argos
9) [+2] 4-30 Boots
10) [NE] 3-10 Barbour
11) [RE] 3-17 McDonalds
12) [-3] 3-19 TK Maxx

John Lewis was looking quite precarious at the end of last year after a lack-lustre run, only holding its position because most of the big names misfired last year, but Excitable Edgar has helped redeem themselves.

Sainsburys is now nipping at M&S' heels - it's a tough time financially for the latter these days, so they could be vulnerable to being overtaken by the former next year. We shall see...

Bubbling under are Waitrose (who deferred to John Lewis this year), Matalan (who appear to have just given up these days), Cadburys (who are just recycling ads now) and KFC (which appear to act very randomly indeed every year).

Next year will be our tenth Run-Up, let's see how that plays out...
Tuesday 31 December 2019, 9:00pm
KingOfChristmas #1: M&S - non-mover, 6 appearances, 31 points

With six 12 Ads appearances in nine years, M&S maintained their #1 spot here in spite of misfiring this year. Here's 2014's Christmas fairies ad.
Tuesday 31 December 2019, 8:30pm
KingOfChristmas #2: Sainsburys - up 2, 5 appearances, 23 points

This year's 12 Ads champion leaps up to number two, with the top spot in sight for next year. Here's Sainsbury's Christmas Truce epic from 2014.
Tuesday 31 December 2019, 8:00pm
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