Harrods' Christmas shop is far from full-blown - we're really talking about gifts for tourists to buy, but it's always pleasing to see a rack of baubles.
Wednesday 31 July 2019, 11:00am
You can now buy chocolate Advent Calendars in Cadburys shops! (H/T @HermioneCapaldi)
Tuesday 20 August 2019, 7:00pm
Ooooh.... if you REALLY miss the giant tins of chocolates of your childhood (they're smaller every year to keep the prices down), Costco are now selling 2kg tins for £12!
Tuesday 20 August 2019, 7:00am
The Quality Street giant tins have appeared in B&M! Spotted by Graeme Quinn.
Monday 19 August 2019, 7:00am
The Grocer has a full pic-filled write-up of Waitrose's Christmas Press Show. (£)
Sunday 18 August 2019, 11:00pm
Try again :) The craft and charity shops are gearing up for Christmas! (H/T @festiveaardvark)
Sunday 18 August 2019, 7:39pm
It's Christmas TV advert filming season! Here's a snap of Clogau's shoot in Cardiff, courtesy of @soniamenezes
Sunday 18 August 2019, 7:00pm
Anyone spotted the big tins of chocolates in the supermarkets yet? They should be around soon. Send us your pics if you do!
Sunday 18 August 2019, 2:30pm
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