Sunday 16 September 2018, 5:50am
Christmas UK Countdown: There are 100 days until Christmas...
Here we go again :)

It's September 16th 2018, which means it's 100 days to Christmas and it's time for us to get into gear and kick off the Christmas 2018 Run-Up.

Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:00am
We've added three new features to the website, the first of which is the third issue of The Silver Bauble newsletter! In it you'll see what Linus thinks of the current John Lewis ad rumours, a quick Christmas In July round-up and a movie review.
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:01am
But that's not it - we'd like The Silver Bauble to be a reflection of you all, so we'd love you to send in any articles for us to publish as part of future Baubles. They can be thoughts about Christmas past, present and future, your reviews of your favourite Christmas movies, albums and songs (including those obscure ones you think people would love discovering), and anything else that reflects what you love about this time of year.

Ping us if you'd like to write something and we can give you some guidance over things such as length and content, and we hope to see your work in a future newsletter!
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:02am
We also have our traditional Christmas 2017 Lookback, featuring everything from dog cafes through to sacrilegious sausage rolls, stopping by all different facets of last year's Christmas Run-Up along the way.
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:03am
And the third of our trifecta of new features is the full write-up to the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2017. Did your favourite ad from last year's Run-Up make the cut?
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:05am
Tagged onto the end of our 12 Ads Of Christmas 2017 feature is an update of the standings in our King Of Christmas league table, as we get excessively nerdy in order to find out which brands consistently release good Christmas ads. John Lewis is just about hanging in there...
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:07am
We have updated our list of Christmas markets and online Christmas departments on our website - the list is beginning to fill out a bit!
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:08am
Royal Mail have already announced their last-posting dates, and as ever, you need to get a move on if you intend to send anything to the other side of the world by surface mail! We'll give you a heads-up the day before any of the Last Posting Days.
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:09am
Hah, @lynseybartlett gets it - once September gets started, you can really begin to look forwards to Christmas!
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:10am
You may have heard of the various deep-fried Christmas dinners, but have you ever seen one? Here's a taste-test video, and brace yourself... It includes deep-fried Christmas pud and mince pies!
Sunday 16 September 2018, 6:11am
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