Festive Links and Events
If you're still after a festive fix, then you won't go far wrong by visiting the following websites or going to one of the many events that are happening up and down the country. Send us a link to something which you think ought to be listed here.


UK Christmas TV is dedicated to TV schedules past and present, featuring listings going back to the 1930's(!) plus news about up-coming Christmas schedules. On top of that, there's a full gallery of Christmas Radio Times and TV Times covers. Wonderfully nostalgic.

NORAD Tracks Santa is dedicated to tracking Santa's progress across the planet (plus a stop at the International Space Station!) on Christmas Eve, and offers lots of games for kids to play in the weeks leading up to it. Fun fact: it was started way back in 1955 as a telephone service after a "Talk to Santa" phone number was misprinted in a newspaper, and the number shown went directly to Colorado Springs' Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Center! The Colonel on duty ordered his staff to give all children who called the current location of Santa, and a long-standing tradition was born.

Online Christmas Departments 2017

Christmas Style
Disney Store
John Lewis
The Range

2017 Christmas Markets

This won't be a complete list as there are so many, but hopefully will list all the major ones - send us the details if yours isn't listed here.

Town Start End
Bath Nov 23 Dec 10
Belfast Nov 18 Dec 19
Birmingham Nov 16 Dec 24
Bournemouth Nov 14 Jan 4
Bristol Nov 10 Dec 24
Bury St Edmunds Nov 23 Nov 26
Caerphilly Dec 9 Dec 10
Cardiff Nov 9 Dec 23
Chester Nov 16 Dec 20
Chichester Dec 2 Dec 10
Deepdale Dec 1 Dec 3
Durham Dec 1 Dec 3
Edinburgh Nov 17 Jan 7
Exeter Nov 18 Dec 17
Gloucester Nov 16 Dec 24
Harrogate Nov 16 Nov 19
Leeds Nov 10 Dec 17
Lincoln Dec 7 Dec 10
London/Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Nov 17 Jan 1
London/Southbank/London Eye
London/Victoria Park
Manchester Nov 10 Dec 20
Newcastle Dec 11 Dec 17
Oxford Dec 7 Dec 17
Portsmouth Dec 1 Dec 3
Rochester Nov 25 Dec 10
Winchester Nov 20 Dec 22
York Nov 16 Dec 22

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