And of course thee were racks upon racks of Christmas decorations! A nice place to wander after a day at work.

Wednesday 2 September 2015, 7:05am

The Advent Calendar window displays made a welcome return.

Wednesday 2 September 2015, 7:03am

Fancy spending £1200 on a giant Christmas Bear from Harrods?

Wednesday 2 September 2015, 7:01am

The press ignored Harrods Christmas World this year as Selfridges stole their thunder, so we'll take up the slack!

Wednesday 2 September 2015, 7:00am

News just in: Liberty of London's Christmas shop opens this Saturday!

Tuesday 1 September 2015, 7:05am

SHOP WATCH: Behold the subtle invasion of the big tins of chocolates! Spotted in the Co-op. (H/T @RyanHinks)

Tuesday 1 September 2015, 7:03am

SHOP WATCH: Christmas candles are now available from Dobbies... (H/T @ukm120)

Tuesday 1 September 2015, 7:01am

Into September we go... Autumn arrives, Strictly and X Factor returns, and the run-up to Christmas steps up a gear... Still more than 100 days to go...

Tuesday 1 September 2015, 7:00am

Enjoy this rather wet Bank Holiday - it's the last one before Christmas!

Monday 31 August 2015, 10:05am

Ever wondered what a sleigh ride through Lapland was like? BBC Four will show you this Christmas!

Monday 31 August 2015, 10:03am

SHOP WATCH: The card shops' Christmas sections are now getting ever-larger. (H/T @traingirl83)

Monday 31 August 2015, 10:01am

Harrods' Christmas World has opened to very little fanfare - here's a pic. We'll have more soon. (H/T @TheAldousSnow)

Monday 31 August 2015, 10:00am

SHOP WATCH: Febreze's winter scents have appeared - apple spice and vanilla latte! (H/T @vulcanicly)

Saturday 29 August 2015, 9:15am

2013: ...the Co-Op went even further with their Summer 2013 ad!

Friday 28 August 2015, 7:03am

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