It's Christmas crafting season, and Hobbycraft are ready for you.
Monday 26 June 2017, 7:00am
We've also added's ad to the 2017 Watchlist, because who could refuse those elves?
Sunday 25 June 2017, 7:11am
We're just tweaking our Watchlist for 2017 - House Of Fraser's spiky adverts have been added!
Sunday 25 June 2017, 7:10am
The Create&Craft TV channel are in full festive mode as the crafters get into gear. We'd love to see and show off your creations for this year!
Sunday 25 June 2017, 7:09am
Movies24 - home of Christmas24 - are showing Christmas movies every July weekday, starting on July 3rd! We'll alert you to the good ones :)
Sunday 25 June 2017, 7:08am
There are a few Christmas movies being shown here and there - we've switched on our Good Film Alerts so you don't miss the best ones.
Sunday 25 June 2017, 7:07am
Ocado have already had their Christmas press event - Christmas In June, perhaps? We're craving cheese already... (H/T @Cooked_UK)
Sunday 25 June 2017, 7:06am
There's going to be a Doctor Who/Mr Men Christmas mash-up book on sale for this Christmas! Meet Dr Tenth...
Sunday 25 June 2017, 7:05am
Argos are quick off the marks with their Christmas 2017 toys prediction - what do you think, anything grab you?
Sunday 25 June 2017, 7:03am
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