2014: Now it's down to the newer cheaper stores to carry on that Woolworths vibe, as this Poundland ad shows.
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 7:06am
Remember those massive bars of chocolate Woolworths used to sell? 5kg of the stuff - eat one of those and you'd float home...
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 7:05am
1978: We had to begin with a musical Woolworths ad - and spot all that obsolete home entertainment equipment!
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 7:04am
Things are a bit slow at this stage of the Christmas Run-Up - it is still September after all! - so we're going to show you all sorts of old Christmas ads in the meantime.
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 7:03am
Time for the rash of festive flavours - you'll be able to get a mince pie flavoured gin this year.
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 7:01am
LAST POST: Tomorrow's the last posting day for International Economy to the Middle and Far East apart from Hong Kong and Singapore.
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 7:00am
Wednesday 28 September 2016, 6:02am
Christmas UK Countdown: There are 88 days until Christmas...
** 2016 ** John Lewis have put up the video of their live online tour of their new Christmas department. 18 months in the making!
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 7:05am
Ahhhh, the first sign of Autumn: the newspapers publish over-the-top snowmageddon headlines on their front page. Don't panic, no credible evidence.
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 7:04am
We always loved Matalan's Christmas wine glasses, and they're back on the shelves! (H/T Danielle Blair)
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 7:02am
Yep, that's right - that's our first warning for a Christmas last posting date! This is why we don't mind Christmas departments opening so early.
Tuesday 27 September 2016, 7:01am
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